Imperial Company s.r.o., Námestie sv. Anny 9, 91101 Trenčín

+421 911 239 398


Imperial Company s.r.o. is the sole owner of Rainbo's professional car cosmetics. We are constantly trying to expand our brand and we are therefore always looking for new wholesale partners who are looking for an interesting business opportunity and are interested in establishing close cooperation with us.
The biggest advantage for our partners is the guarantee of exclusivity in their region and therefore they do not need to deal with competition or with dumped prices. In addition, we provide complete support and consulting during the whole period of our cooperation.
In addition to online support, we also provide promotional materials in the form of catalogs and samples.
We carefully choose our partners and we cooperate only with companies that we believe will be able to follow up on our tradition and will continue to build a good name for Rainbo.

If you would like any further information on wholesale collaboration, please contact us.